Although the purpose of this project was to show every aspect of one given typeface, I used it as an opportunity to dive in and explore how much variety I could get within one type family. It was also a great chance to let loose and play around with all the different ways I could get the type and images to interact.
Since Futura was given the honor of being the first typeface on the moon, I thought the best way to showcase it would be right alongside lunar-themed images and quotes. I chose to contrast a deep purple against a bright green and stark white to create a mood that's energetic, yet still mysterious and eerie.

The text on this page comes from the actual plaque (done in Futura!) that was left behind after the first lunar landing. I brought the original image into Photoshop, and used masks and layers to make the test appear as if it's behind the hill in front.
One of the things that surprised me the most while working on this project was Futura's question mark. I must have seen it a hundred times before, and yet I never noticed that it was an inverted letter S. I thought that find was significant enough to deserve its own page.
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