Myndful is an app and product concept designed to ensure the user never leaves home without the essentials. I often leave the house only to discover I've forgotten my keys, wallet or important documents for work and school - so I decided to come up with a (slightly futuristic) way to avoid that problem. 
Myndful includes a physical wristband that connects to the mobile app. A small sensor on the front will interact with sensors on locks, eliminating the need for a physical set of keys. Access to locks, can be controlled via the app, and access can be given or denied to friends and family whose bands are also connected. 
The sensor would also work at check out counters, and can pay for goods with a pre-loaded credit card of the users choosing. 
The band would also have a built-in usb function so that important files can be moved from different file storage accounts and accessed everywhere.
Myndful was inspired by he "Magic Bands" found at Walt Disney World, where the guests hotel keys, credit card and pictures are all saved to a band around their wrists. I wanted to take this concept and apply it to everyday life to serve these simple, yet essential functions.
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